Friday 27th Jan: Monty vs. Muzza

I work for a Central London sports agency…and roughly ten months ago we moved to a spacious new home. One of the important relocation requests was a complete view of high-spec LCD flat-screens throughout the office – for our work demands that visual sport is always very accessible!

Therefore I am lucky enough to digitally spectate at all major daily sporting events.

But today the sport on offer threw up a distinct and controversial cultural choice: on the BBC Andy Murray was fighting for a place in a major final (the Aussie Open), while on SkySports Monty Panesar looked to demolish the Pakistani top order.

I could have a clear view of one big sporting spectacle, but which should I choose?And Monty and Muzza could not be more different…

Andy is a unique talent who always fights passionately to take his place within the tennis elite. In many ways he is desperately unlucky – his professional generation has arguably provided the greatest ever champions in his field; but still he battles to prove his value and create his own legacy within the sport.

But without doubt he is painfully dull –  He has never connected with the British public and his dour, demure personality riles many and disconnects most.

Monty, on the other hand, has managed to establish himself as a cultural and sporting icon. He is far from the greatest player of his generation, he is not even England’s best current spinner. But Monty has always comfortably connected with the wider British public – we all respect him and we love to watch him skip down the wicket with every celebration. He is consistently excitable, passionate and unique.

In reality the choice was easy…we could watch another difficult, frustrating and disappointing Murray defeat or another inspiring, fun-filled Monty celebration – which would you choose?