A Big Blast to my Ego

Last October I ran my second half marathon, for charity, in a respectable if undramatic time of 2hrs 9mins. I didn’t walk once, and impressively managed this off the back of just three weeks training. This is down to the fact that I have a strong underlying level of core fitness…

…or so I thought.

I am currently sitting on the District Line as my legs and shoulders set for the long-term into their current positions – they are fusing into solid beams. I have just completed my first ever “blast class” and the effects are already starting to take their toll.

The session, run by Lomax Bespoke Health, brings a unique new concept to group training. I was placed in a one-man pod decked out with a spinning bike, gymnastic hoops, weights, mats and benches. I could see my eight colleagues positioned in their identical pods, but this equipment was mine for the next hour. Prowling menacingly from pod to pod was a disciplined, aggressive, but actually very friendly trainer, leading/beasting us all through a deadly circuit of novel exercises designed to strengthen and exhaust…

Excellent value and very effective – but this basic description doesn’t begin to tell the story of my torturous evening. The session was tough, tiring and painful…but to summarise it briefly – I failed.

10 minutes into our first exercise rotation and I was close to collapse. I had to take a break, first to sit on my bike and then to flop into their bar area for a drink. My weak crumbled body simply couldn’t cope. I did manage to return after a 5-10 minute interlude, but the damage was done. The 50 minutes I managed to complete will take its effect on my body, but the 10 minutes I didn’t has already seriously damaged my pride.

I now have to return next week, not necessarily because I need the exercise (although I quite obviously do), but more importantly to slowly start the rebuild on the shattered foundation of my ego…

And another quick plug for Lomax, they were brilliant – here is the link to their website http://www.lomaxpt.com – sign up!