Blogger Bio

Name:           commuterblog

Age:               30

Married:         yes

Children:       one son (13 months)

Work:             London, UK

Lives:             Richmond, Surrey, UK

Interests:       sport, history, politics, religion, technology and most importantly family

Addtional info:

  • In 1991 I came 3rd in an East Midlands choirboy of the year competition
  • In 2005, when in Cameroon, I lost 1 stone (14lbs) in weight in just 4 days thanks to a nasty bout of dysentry
  • In both 2008 and 2011 I managed to jog a half marathon (2hrs 10mins & 2hrs 9mins respectively)

3 thoughts on “Blogger Bio”

  1. Interesting website! I loved the photos. I will probably post something about education in Ghana at some point. There were lots of abandoned school buildings. Ekow’s comments were interesting re: education. He said that in the outlying areas, if the children go to school rather than learning the family trade, they end up worse off. There is no opportunity for advanced education, nor do they know how to do anything they can make a living at. Lots of issues over there….

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