England’s New Dawn?

So Fabio’s gone.

It’s difficult not to blog about this today. I have been saturated with news, reaction and detailed analysis of it since about 7pm last night. It’s the top twitter trend, the BBC’s headline piece and will no doubt be on the front page of every paper.

Did I like him? Not really. Yes, he had the best win percentage of any national manager and has only lost 6 games during his charge. He should have stirred pride and gratitude from the English public…but he didn’t.

The FA made a massive misjudgement when hiring Capello – he wasn’t the first foreign coach, but he was the first who couldn’t actually speak English. Fabio may have had a loveable personality and an eloquent way of communicating his passion for our national team, but we had no way of knowing this – as it was all lost in translation.

And this was also the root of the team’s disharmony. How could he motivate, or more importantly communicate complex tactics, through a combination of pidgin English and a translator? These are the two most important factors in managing a national side (who have a few weeks to grow team unity and an effective game plan). No – Fabio’s record was down to luck…he was lucky enough to preside over a good batch of English stars at the top of their game. He was always going to beat Slovenia when his line-up included Terry, Cole, Rooney, Gerrard and Lampard.

So what next? Redknapp got slice of luck himself yesterday – not enough evidence to convict him over his dodgy dealings. He’s the favourite of the players, bookies and the public – in many ways it has to be ‘Arry or the FA will be fighting uphill again from the start of another reign.

But whoever gets the job, they are actually in an almost unique position for an England manager. The golden generation are no more – the stars of 2010 are largely past their best: Rio, Lampard and co. are struggling to even hold down a regular place with their clubs. Harry (we hope) will inherit limited expectation, a clean team slate, a major championship qualification, and a long list of potential new new stars (Wilshere, Sturridge, The Ox, Phil Jones etc.).

In fact Harry Redknapp could be the luckiest man in football – everything has slotted into place. And Fabio can now fully concentrate on his other commitments, like his role as a puppet on the Dolmio adverts…


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7 thoughts on “England’s New Dawn?”

    1. I doubt O’Neil would want the job – he’s not English and has only just signed with Sunderland.

      And would the fans really want him? I’m not sure – depsite my Leicester bias, he probably hasn’t got enough Premier League and European pedigree to satisfy the fickle English fans (who don’t rate Scottish football).

      If Harry doesn’t go for it – in my eyes only two others could placate the media and wider English football community…

      …Wenger or Mourinho – either would be a big statement by the FA.

  1. One of my pet subjects as of last night ! I see you liked what I said, Thank you for that 🙂

    ‘Arry isn’t going to be a lucky man, but a lamb to slaughter, because when the team fail to deliver then it will be said why put someone in charge who is a crook and can’t write things down ? Dirt will be dug up and him and the next lot of upcoming lambs will be smeared with it. Lets remember all Harry has won is an FA cup and just after winning it the team went bust and had to be saved and since have been dropping like a lead balloon. I’m not really bothered who gets the job I just hope they take it with their eyes open.
    Oh and all the papers today and all their people who comment on the stories of what’s going on agree on one thing. The next manager must be English, no other nationality need apply….now who is it going to the dock for racism ? Talk about hypocrites 😉

  2. I love your negativity mootmusings (and your blog entry).

    So many years of hurt – whenever England fans put their faith in the team or management we are always let down. It takes it’s toll.

    I agree Harry hasn’t got a huge pedigree, but unless you manage one of the big four clubs you are never going to reign in the trophies. However he has consitently improved as a manager & slowly earned the respect of his piers, the players, the media and the football public – that’s not easy to do.

    But if it’s not Harry – who would you go for? The list just isn’t that long…

    And you are right – plenty of hypocricy from the media as always – they love a good bandwagon. Personally I don’t think he has to be English (see reply 2) – just be able to speak it fluently.

  3. Seems Psycho will be in charge for next game, just had a quick look at some of the comments and already the great British public are sticking the boot in :))
    I’m so glad Ireland qualified for the Euro’s …I know who I’m cheering for 😀

  4. Can’t help but feel you missed an opportunity here? At a time when Syrians are being blown to pieces (sorry for the crassness of the terminology) most major news stations / papers have led with a ridiculous amount of coverage on a football manager resigning?

    Do you not think the moral compass is slightly off within modern day society?

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