A Clean and Tidy Relationship

It’s Monday morning and before I left the house today I completed arguably the most important part of my weekly routine; I carefully counted out £27 and left them clearly visible on the kitchen countertop. Monday is ‘cleaning day’ – for three hours the lovely Camilla transforms my house from a filthy squat into a neat, sweet, family home.

Why is this so important? Well I find that there is a direct link between the cleanliness and stability of my domestic life.

I will never call myself a relationship expert. Prior to meeting my now wife, girlfriends tended to last a maximum of three months before the inevitable explosive argument would prematurely finalise each brief fiery encounter. And during the early days, this relationship looked likely to follow the same predictable script. We moved in together in the summer of 2006 and our honeymoon harmony soon disappeared, replaced by a cheap point scoring system as we fought for the higher ground on almost every issue.

However, we moved through this dangerous period, largely because we pinpointed the central pivot that underlay our shaky imbalance – household contribution. Who made more effort in the running and general upkeep of our ‘happy little home’? Now if I am being honest she was usually right – without doubt she contributed more. But I could not give way, I am never one to admit defeat, so together we came up with a simple solution that would revolutionise our day-to-day existence.

I hope you heed this important lesson – my cleaner has saved my relationship (now in its sixth year). In fact the decision to shell out for a three hour deep clean (at £9 an hour) has allowed for a relaxed marriage and even led to a new household addition…who now easily contributes by far the most mess.


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